EuroSpaPoolNews - Frühjahr 2011

solar-rapid warms the swimming pool water fast and effectively.

"A solar pool heating collector with high performance"

"The ROOS solar-rapid pool heating collector, Solar-Rapid, developed by Roos Freizeitanlagen GmbH an acknowledged by the CSTB for its reliability, allows a top efficiency rating of 91.3% It essentially consists of 3 components that can be assembled using the construction-kit principle: distribution pipes, mounting brackets and solar-rapid 25 and 50 pipes.
Thanks to the patented collector connection system, gaps can easily be cut to accommodate built-in features of the solar surface (e.g. skylights on a roof).
Final assembly of the collector is extremly easy and quick, thanks to the flexible pipes and their range of associated accessories. All components of the ROOS solar system are perfectly co-ordinated and made in Germany.

With solar-rapid pool heating every last square centimetre is used to warm the swimming pool water fast and effectively."

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